Buying Guide Hams and Shoulders

Buying Guide Hams and Shoulders

We help you find the product you are looking for. There are many types of cured ham depending on the breed of pigs, healing time or food. We have classified all kinds so you know distinguish. And eye, because the rule governing the Iberian bears colored labels.

If you are unfamiliar with the world of ham, you will emerge doubts about what to buy ham or shoulder. In this guide we will try aclararte some key ideas.

There are many types of cured ham or shoulder blades, depending on their race, healing, feeding, etc. Let us sort all this so that you do not confuse it comes to choose from, plus we update you as to the rules.

The main thing is to know that ham is obtained from the hind legs of pork and the shoulder of the front. Then answer questions about it. Hams may weigh 7 to 11 kg, while the pallets usually around 4 to 7 kilos. The paddles are cured, although they have more fat than ham.


  • 100% Iberian pigs: They are pigs whose father and mother are 100% Iberian race, that is controlled by rules and family tree. The labeling must indicate the percentage purity of the breed. (Disappears the term "pure")

  • Iberian pigs crossed: Mother is 100% Iberian breed and the father may be of another race, or a mixture of Iberian. So pigs get 50% or 75% Iberian race.

  • No Iberian pigs (white races and imported breeds)

100% Iberian represent only 5% of hams that are sold each year, most are crossbred pigs.s)


  • Acorn: pigs during the months of Montanera (. From October to March goes from 60 to 180 kilos approx) before slaughter have only eaten acorns, herbs, and all that are released by the field.

  • Field bait: Pigs eat free, and grass need to complete their diet with natural feed and grain to achieve optimal weight.

  • Bait: The pigs fed with feed and cereals only. Free pigs perform a physical exercise that gives them an infiltration of fat in the cut that gives the ham from the main difference from others.


The minimum is 600 cures hams and 365 days on pallets. WEIGHT The minimum weight of 100% Iberian ham acorn is 5.75 kilos and 7 kilos in the rest of Iberian. The minimum weight of 100% Iberian shoulder acorn is 3.7 kilos and 4 kilos in the rest of Iberian.


  • Black Label, for 100% Iberian acorn.

  • Red label, for Iberian acorn. (50 or 75%)
  • Green label for bait Iberian countryside. (50, 75 or 100%)
  • White Label, for Iberian bait. (50, 75 or 100%)

bridas jamon iberico


  1. Ham Iberico Bellota 100%
  2. Ham Ibérico Bellota 75%   
  3. Ham Iberico Bellota 50%   
  4. Country ham Cebo Ibérico 100%   
  5. Country ham Cebo Iberico 75%   
  6. Country ham Cebo Iberico 50%   
  7. Ham Iberian Cebo 100%   
  8. Ham Iberian Cebo 75%   
  9. Ham Iberian Cebo 50%


You can still find hams with the previous legislation, as the current is 2014 and remain above hams at that time. Thus the equivalence between old names and new rules reflected:

comparison previous rules ham:

comparación normativa anterior jamón


- Is it better palette or ham? The quality and taste is very similar, almost the same. It is said that the palette has more fat but tastier. The difference in weight is due to the percentage of bone in each piece, on pallets 40% and 30% hams is bone, this percentage decreases the heavier part (the bone does not grow much as meat).

- How many kilos is better to buy for each piece of ham or palette? It is advisable to buy more kilos; recalls that all the extra weight is meat, bone is more or less the same for a ham 8 kilos and 10 kilos for. These are all extra 2 kg meat

- How do I know it will be good ham? Note the labeling and quality scale, and there is no recebo.

- What is the best ham for little money? If the customer seeks the most affordable and acceptable quality, Cebo de Campo recommend a green label. Iberian pigs are also mixed feed, eat everything in the field. Fields with acorns are limited to a maximum number of pigs and these copies are carried to other fields that being loose and with a varied diet, acquire all properties and get an infiltration of fat in their meat is the key to achieving great texture and flavor. The price is considerably lower not reach that point that gives you the acorn, but get your value is to be considered. If you are willing to spend a little more, undoubtedly the red label is your choice.

- So do I have to consider not repent? In principle labeling, race, food and healing time. And if we want to deepen it is good to check the reputation and tradition of the manufacturer and its "appellation of origin" certificates of quality and if they have any prize is worth ...

- Optimal healing time? If you do not specify the time of healing, I ask about it! Between 2 and 4 years is recommended not to go too soft or too dry. This is the minimum standard healing time: Minimum 24 months or more than 7kg hams or palettes least 12 months

- How long since I open it? Last long if you have it in good condition in a cool, dry place, excess fat caps and a transparent film, can last 2 months or more.

Enjoy your choice!

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